In a recent interview,  the acting Chairman of the PDeadP Senator Ahmad Makarfi pronounced that his party will retake the presidency comes 2019. He went on to give about 3 reasons why that unthinkable thing will happen, and the reasons are:

1. APC’s mistakes.

2. PDP’s apology to Nigerians.

3. His ability in wooing  the APC’s bigwigs .

These are the reasons the acting chairman gave as the possible reasons for his party’s retake over comes 2019.

Well I would like to take the reasons one after the other and analyze them so as to see if there is any truth to what the acting chairman is wishing.


1. APC’s mistakes:

Even though I still can’t understand the mistakes he is referring to, but for the whole chair of a party that ruled for 16 years most of which were full of mistakes and most the times intentional mis-governs to come and accuse a party or government that is only 2 years in leadership of mistakes, is to say the least being economical with the truth. I am saying this because:

a.  APC as a new party that was formed in less than 3 years of it’s takeover government from one of the most terribly corrupt government and party in the world is definitely expected to make some initial mistakes. And couple with that the party was a merger of different political parties with different and divergent opinion individuals in it, then of course such things are expected and Nigerians will and are understanding.

b.  Secondly,  what are APC’s mistakes even, if I may ask?

i.  Is it the stoppage of the Boko Haram insurgencies?  The insurgency that lead to the seizure of more than 14 local government areas of our great nation and the daily bombing of our citizens in their places  of worship, places of business, places of work, market places, parks and many more. Which is the mistake there?

ii.  Or is it the fighting  of corruption and the corrupt individuals that is the mistake?  The fight that lead to the stoppage of the open stealing of our collective resources as a nation and the exposure of those individuals that partake in such heinous crimes.

iii.  Or better still, is it the introduction of the new agricultural policies that encourage and pushed us back to our farms in order to be able to feed ourselves as a nation? Is that one of the APC’s mistakes?

If these are part of the APC’s mistakes that the PDeadP chair is talking about, then I will rather have the APC government that is daily making these mistakes than have a PDP government that was visibly encouraging the reversal of these mistakes.


2. PDP’s apology to the Nigerians :

Yes,  an apology is very good more especially when you discover that you made terrible and heinous crimes,  but for any crime to be corrected, a punishment must be applied appropriately. Tell me Mr Chair,  how do we punish a party that for 16 years, it  serially killed the very fabric of our nationhood?

A party that for those 16 years, encouraged and promoted corruption.

A party that intentionally allowed insurgency to flourish to such a situation to which more than 14 LGAs were taken over by insurgents in full control.

A party whose leader(the President) came publicly and told the world that stealing of our collective resources is not corruption.

A party whose government intentionally allowed the daily bombing and killing of it’s citizens in their homes and any place that public gathers for any reason.

A party whose government was mindless of the well being of it’s citizens.

I can go on and on and on without stopping. Now this is party that is expecting us to accept it’s apology easily and even vote it back in just 4 years of it banishment  to our joy. Too bad that the acting chairman is completely missing the point.

As humans your apology can be accepted,  but forgetting so easily what happened under the disastrous government of your party is what many years if not forever will take. As such forget about coming back in the near future sir.

3. The ability in wooing the APC’s bigwigs to his party:

Well I will not say much here,  but I believe the statement should have been, the ability to woo back the former PDP members back to their former party. It will make more meaning,  but even at that only time can tell.

I know as much as many know that many of our corrupt and unreasonable politicians are not just happy with what is going on because it is no more business as usual. They are grumbling and in some cases trying to set some of their apologists and benefactors against the government of the day,  but notwithstanding only time will tell.

Even though I know the desperately ambitious ones are clearly showing interest simply because they are seeing  a possibility of getting the presidential tickets  easily there, but since they have not started stepping in,  we will wait and comment at the appropriate time.


My take:

Mr acting Chair sir. If these are what you hold to think that comes 2019, your party the PDeadP will retake power from the center then I must say,  Sir with due respect, you are just wishful thinking and the earlier you realize this the better for you and your disorganized party.  Our eyes are now clearly opened widely,  we can now see even beyond our enemies and the enemies of our dear nation.

My country Nigeria is heading back to prosperity and something like PDeadP will definitely not be impediments to this.


May almighty Allah help the  President and the Federal Republic of Nigeria,  Amin.


Awake Nigerians.

Kabir Dalha Kabir.

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