My Vote,  My Right!

My Vote,  My Right!

By Kabir Dalha Kabir


The man I voted for is now the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


He is human and all humans first of all are not perfect,  that is to say they are bound to make mistakes,  sometimes terrible mistakes. As humans we can also fall sick, sometimes so sick that we can be bedridden for long. There is also death that can visit any human and at any stage of his or her live,  human can die even before he or she is born,  that’s inside mother’s worm,  one can die at young age,  while some humans die at a very old age.  But the irony of all these is the control of Live and Death is only done by the almighty Allah. Allahu Akbar.


Had it been live and death is being controlled by humans then may be many of us will know when to be born or die.  Or when the human controller is angry with one, he just kill him or her or not allow him or her to be born even.


But such is the beauty of live and death.  The almighty Allah controls them,  and He alone can make any of them to happen.


Having said that,  President Muhammadu Buhari is voted to stay for 4 years as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, if PMB is destined to die on the throne,  no matter how much we love him,  we cannot stop him from dying. Likewise if he is destined to finish his first term of 4 years and even add another 4 years term, then no matter how much the haters hate him, he will definitely finish his destined terms.


So for those who wish him death,  they should just relax since they can’t kill him until his time is off,  when the time comes he will not add a second. But they must understand that the ultimate Controller of live and death may kill them first because may be their times come before the PMB’s time and if that happen, who knows who will be at their funeral.


Recently PMB was sick for a very long time and had to went and stayed out of the country for a very long unusual time.  So many theories were made.  We were very worried and You (the haters)  were very happy, all for one thing and that’s ‘Our WANTs’, We Want him to Live and You Want him Dead, We both prayed day and night for what we wanted, but fortunately and unfortunately the Controller of Live and Death said his time is not off and PMB has to live for God’s knows when,  so the events between Us and You suddenly changed in reverse direction.  That is Allah for all of us,  He will make you happy when he wants and also Makes you sad within a sprinkle of seconds.


You must understand that we love PMB despite his human imperfections,  we worked for his success believing that he will give his best to our country,  he may not do it the way you want,  he may also do some things wrongly,  these we knew,  but we did not had those sleepless nights when voting and working for his success just for some goons, who we knew all along have never believe in what we believed in  to just come and be making similar noises that they have been doing since PMB came into the political limelight and expecting us to sit and watch them getting louder with their empty barrels.  No! We will always defend what we all along believe in and we will go to any length to do that. We also have no apology to anyone.

You have never believe in our course in the first place,  you didn’t vote for PMB in the second place, so we will not allow this rubbish you are doing, WE WILL COUNTER IT, ANYTIME ANY DAY.


May almighty Allah always give Us direction.

May He guide,  assist and protect our President and our country,  Amin.

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